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At Dublin Dental Care, you can rest assured that your teeth are in good hands. Our state-of-art facility features not only the best dental equipments but magazines, movies, free WiFi f and complementary drinks, just to make our patients feel relaxed. magazines At Dublin Dental Care, you can be rest assured that your teeth are taken care of by our team of experts and specialists.

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Dublin Dental Care is a one stop dental office for everyone. Yes, we take patients at all ages.   Best of all, we open on Saturdays, too!
Dublin Dental Care is conveniently located in the beautiful city of Dublin. Over the years, we have expanded our office to accommodate more patients. Our constantly upgraded equipments are to ensure patients’ teeth are well taken care of. Patients’ safety are our first priority. We have a strong policy to sanitize all equipments before and after each appointment. Our licensed dentists and assistants are required to take continue education to provide their best techniques for all dental cases.
Once the dental appointment is done, you’ll receive a complementary gift for your teeth. For children patients, they will get to choose some free toys to take home with.   facility