Insurance and Payment

Assignment of Insurance Benefits

[border width=”1″ color=”#4c89bf”]For patients covered by insurance, we will accept assignment of benefits. This means you sign the portion of your insurance that “assigns” payment to our office. Most dental insurance plans do not cover 100% of treatment costs. It is because of this, plus the common delays in receiving payment from insurance companies, that you are asked to pay your deductible and your portion of charges at the time services are rendered. Please note that estimates are based on information provided to us by your insurance and are not a guarantee of payment. Only after a claim is submitted and reviewed by your insurance company can final payment be determined.[/border]

We Accept All Major Insurance. To verify if your insurance is accepted in Dublin Dental Care, please contact us.

Filing & Tracking Insurance Claimss

[border width=”1″ color=”#4c89bf”]At your first visit, we will ask for current insurance information. We may ask you to confirm this information at subsequent visits so we can remain up-to-date and fully informed to serve you. As a courtesy to you, we file all claim forms electronically, provide postage for special claims, and track claims for you.[/border]

No Insurance? No Problem!

[border width=”1″ color=”#4c89bf”]Our fees are affordable, and our other payment options include cash, checks, debit and most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). We also accept Flex Spending and Health Savings plans.[/border]

Payment Plans

[border width=”1″ color=”#4c89bf”]We first try to work with your budget in our office, but we also have some outside long-term financing options to accommodate your needs. Please talk to us about your financial concerns regarding dental treatment so we can work out financing that fits your budget.[/border]

We Accept Major Credit Cards.